KW – V3 Coilovers Suspension Kit


Toyota GR Supra

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Lowering FA: 15 – 35 mm
Lowering RA: 20 – 40 mm

This Coilover kit does NOT come with EDC - electronic damping control.

Cutting-edge motor sports technology for more performance on the road. With compression and rebound stage damping, that can be set separately and independently of each other, the damper setup can be customised to your own driving preferences or vehicle changes such as weight, tire characteristics or altered vehicle rigidity. True performance optimisation is only possible with this unique, patented system. For example, this allows the compression damping force to be increased and get more grip from the tires, to improve cornering behaviour and reduce squat without simultaneously altering the rebound stage damping which is optimally matched to the spring rate – a scenario which results in reduced grip and the associated loss of performance.


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